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U.S. State Auction Laws &
Auctioneer Licensing Requirements

There is no U.S. federal law regulating auctions. Each State has different requirements for licensing, education, bonding, fees and other aspects of conducting an auction. While, not all states require licensing, all states do have laws and/or regulations covering the auction industry. The Uniform Commercial Code (U.C.C.) is the basis for auction laws in most states.


While some states may not specifically require an auctioneer license, there may be other requirements for operating an auction business in the State or various Local jurisdictions.

Of course, in most states, there are other business requirements, in addition to any specific licensing requirements for an auctioneer or auction house.

Below are links to the State Agencies for Auction Laws and Auctioneer Licensing for the States in the U.S.A.
(Note: As not all states have their laws posted on the internet, if you find additional references, please send them to us.)

State Auction Laws

Use the "drop-down" list to quickly find links to State Auction Laws. Upon selecting the State, you will be directed to a link below.

Note: Clicking on the State below will open a new window to the various government boards and licensing requirements, or it will direct you to other Notes as indicated by the Numbers in Brackets [  ] for additional information or links.




Alaska - No State License [5]

Arizona - No State License [6]


California - No State License [7]

Colorado - No State License [1]

Connecticut - No State License [2]


District of Columbia [11]



Hawaii - No State License [3]

Idaho - County Licensing Required [12]



Iowa - No State License [2]

Kansas - Special Requirements [8]




Maryland - No State License [3]


Michigan - No State License [3]

Minnesota - No State License [3]


Missouri - No State License [3]

Montana - No State License [3]

Nebraska - No State License [1]

Nevada - No State License [9]

New Hampshire

New Jersey - No State License [1]

New Mexico - No State License [1]

New York - No State License [2]

North Carolina

North Dakota


Oklahoma - No State License [2]

Oregon - No State License [1]


Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota - Real Estate Auctioneers ONLY [10]



Utah - No State License [1]




West Virginia


Wyoming - No State License [1]


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[1] No State License requirements found as of April 2008

[2] Licensing requirements may exist for some cities

[3] Licensing requirements may exist for some cities and/or counties

[4] Auctioneer license required Only for Real Estate

[5] Alaska - No State License - Other Business Licensing may be required

[6] Arizona - licensing requirements may exist for some cities

[7] California - No State License

[8] Kansas - No State Auctioneer License - Auction licensing requirements for specific property, such as New Goods

[9] Nevada - Pawn Brokers license and other licensing, such as real estate, may be required

[10] South Dakota - Real Estate Auctioneers ONLY

[11] District of Columbia - Also See PDF licensing Requirements
You will need Adobe's Free Pdf Reader to view this document. You can Download Adobe PDF Reader Free!

[12] While Idaho has no State Auctioneer licensing requirement, Idaho law does require every auctioneer to obtain an auctioneer's license from their county treasurer. For an annual fee, this auctioneer's license is valid for sales in any county of Idaho. See Idaho Statute


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